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  • 04 Jun 2013 01:17
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    Like Lesley and Rene, with Crib, Tystie carries third party insurance only, from Pantenius, at £424 annually. Cover is worldwide, and singlehanded cruising is permitted. Also included is legal expenses cover - uninsured loss recovery, prosecution defence, etc. Thus, I have quite good coverage for everything except damage to Tystie caused by myself, and I reckon that "if I bend it, then I ought to mend it". I wouldn't want to cruise with any less cover than this. I frequently find that I have to show evidence of third party insurance if I go into a marina. Comprehensive insurance is out of the question for a worldwide voyaging boat without an open-ended budget - either not available or too expensive - and the money is better spent on maintenance and gear, IMHO.
  • 01 Jun 2013 01:21
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    Deleted user
    I suggest that you try Nautilus. We are with them, they seem reasonable. Good luck.
  • 31 May 2013 06:31
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    Lesley Verbrugge wrote:
    .. costs us £95 per year ..

    Our permitted cruising area is between 20N and 10S and between 90E and 160E degrees.
    Thats pretty cheap..  but restricted to the tropics and the far east. Do you take out a new policy when you move on?
  • 31 May 2013 06:03
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    Deleted user
    just to add to the knowledge base!

    Crib is 40' 1979 GRP Junk Schooner.

    Third party cover of £5,000,000 (raised from 3,000,000 to comply with Italian requirements, by Pantaenius with no change to our premium) costs us £95 per year - it costs more if there's no hull insurance contract.

    Hull incl inventory etc on a value of £40,000, is £2500 per year. AFter no claims bonus this is £1596 which we pay monthly with no surcharge. 

    There is a deductible of £2,500 per claim.

    Our permitted cruising area is between 20N and 10S and between 90E and 160E degrees.

    There is no requirement for extra crew aboard for passages and Rene was accepted on the basis of RYA Day skipper certificate and our logged hours. 

    They required a survey, cover and premium were lower during refit stage.

    We chose Pantaenius because we were in Hong Kong, with no UK residential address and although our home is in France, french companies would only insure french registered boats. Crib is registered in Guernsey and British flagged. The company is international with a reputation for sorting claims out in a timely and efficient way. communications via emails with staff have been good.

  • 27 May 2013 13:16
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    Gerald O'Brien wrote:I've always insured with Haven Knox Johnston. Discount for being an RNSA member and they've dealt extremely effectively with two claims for boats damaged on their moorings.
    To be clear, these were claims for my boats damaged on their moorings by other people in my absence. In one I strongly suspect that the other guy was uninsured, though I never found that out as a fact. The other was a hit and run so there was no one for my insurers to go after. 

    My last renewal was £270 with one year no claims. I'm insured for the inland and coastal waters of the UK and Eire, and Continental waters from 46 degrees North to 55 degrees North. The cover is comprehensive and has a £200 excess.
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  • 27 May 2013 09:35
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    Talking about insurance, I had an interesting situation with my insurance company  over Mallie's maiden voyage which happened this weekend, of which more later hopefully with photos. All I can say for now is WOW!!!
    Up to now Mallie's insurance cover has been for a boat in build and sea trials. The initial trials were in Preston dock but the sea trials had to last 24 hours as you cannot leave the river Ribble and get back on one tide. The plan was to sail to Piel Island near Barrow in Furness, stay overnight and return the next day, a voyage of about 60 miles in total.
    I thought I should check with my insurers that this was ok. Not so. For them sea trials should only need to last for a few hours. I really needed 'in use' cover. I explained the situation that once out of the Ribble I could not return until the next high water and that would be around midnight and I was not comfortable about returning to a river I dfid not know at all well in the dark and especially as only a few of the marks are lit. I said it would be safer to anchor and return the next day. The insurance company accepted my point but decided to slap on a £750 excess for the priviledge. How kind was that! Thankfully the maiden voyage went without mishap. I shall now insure for 'in use' but as I fear the cost may be much higher I make look at some of the options listed by members in this thread. 

  • 27 May 2013 01:06
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    Gary Pick wrote:I use Edward William Marine Services SL

    Tel: 0870 850 4088 or +34 952 476 090
    Fax: 01692 678165 or +34 952 471 498
    Edward William Marine <>
    For my 3rd party, I'm covered for up to 15 nm offshore. The cost for me is around $580 because I pay by instalment.It's cheaper as a lump sum.
    I had to have it to be able to tie up where I am.
    Sounds like a lot of money to me!  That's more than I've been quoted for full cover and I reckon I simply can't afford it. 
  • 26 May 2013 11:27
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    I had my Hirondelle insured for about £100 with the Basic Boat Insurance Co,  only UK / close parts of Europe though.  
  • 25 May 2013 22:57
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    Gary King wrote:Can't imagine much third party risk outside 15nm.. or does that mean you arent covered in a NZ marina?
    Correct, I'm not covered outside of Australia.
  • 25 May 2013 17:28
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    Deleted user
    Can't imagine much third party risk outside 15nm.. or does that mean you arent covered in a NZ marina?
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