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  • 22 Jun 2022 09:13
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    Nathan wrote:Looked at JR. Liking flexible luff, lifting sail type ideal for offshore conditions but still don't like blockage on Lee flow tack.
    Hi Nathan,

    I can't follow everything you're saying, but I do want to pick up this point.  I think you're worried about the effect of the mast on airflow?  I agree that it looks as though it should be awful, but that doesn't seem to be people's experience.
    There's a very good article here: The myth of the bad tack

    and also a forum discussion

    so I wouldn't write off the junk rig because of an assumption that the mast will interfere with the airflow.

    Do you have any sketches to show what your ideas are?  I can't quite get my head around your descriptions! 

  • 20 Jun 2022 14:16
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    Since punching a spinnaker into beat; wanted a reaching set of sails. Thought about rig for many years.

    Yardsticks haul would be to expensive plus to messy to brace each yardstick. 

    Few days worth of thought past dipping lug and I think I found my future solution.  Squared lug with fixed eyes on boom and yardstick.  Boom haul Cunningham and outhaul. Same with yardstick,  vertical haulyard plus fore haulyard, aft haul yard.

    Brace tightener on yardstick. Battens can be added and maintained like a junk rig.

    Easily switch able preferred tack via going about through dead eye fore of mast. 

    Extra beam hauls for performance that can remain stow most their lives.. might increase if required. 

    Advantages I see is very few moving parts but slightly more than a fan sided tacking junk rig. But yardstick can be hauled fore for beating better centre of effort, boom can be hauled if reaching off. 

    I think that'll balance.  If not rig suiting JR anyhow. 

    Hopefully helpful,  just mindstorming abit here.


  • 19 Jun 2022 02:14
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    Thank you again.

    Looking at either way but preference is 50% more volume yacht to be used as a carry supply for longer trips. Probably going that way and budgeting for stay masts removal a couple of years down track to be replaced with stayless system. 

    Other vessels I like are performance coastal vessels from 1950s era.. I like their hulls ability to sheer brace hydraulic flow; makes them nimble IMO. 

    Just about to renew membership. Haven't any rig at moment. 

    Shopping again in about 4 weeks to look at another 44 footer. That vessel has multiple bulkheads at beams to suit a ship rig 3 mast coordination. 

    Looked at JR. Liking flexible luff, lifting sail type ideal for offshore conditions but still don't like blockage on Lee flow tack.

    Modelling at moment to JR a model with square top yardstick.  Instead of bracing yardstick,  battens, boom directly to mast... easier to call them yardsticks and call mast mast.

    Mast raises lowers yardstick braces. Allowing centre of effort to be manipulated plus could tack as a JR or could reef, haul yard yaw fore of mast and be an opposite tack jR quick enough for long passages. 

    Just playing with ideas at moment. 

    Brace of yardstick can be downhauled against uphaul to lock brace firmly on taper of mast.

    Fan could be kept by a fairly quick reef point upper sail or a short set of Chang in out to suit conditions. 

    Making lateral halyard useful for centre of effort balancing. Manual loop splice on each of 7 yardsticks per mast.

    Or easily used as JR instead. I like idea of lateral halyard and firming brace though. Sheet system can be used to brace head for point performance and if needed beam eyes can run outhauls for such via a single pulley block.

    Here's to a beautiful world 


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