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  • 15 Jun 2022 14:18
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    I suspected it might be her and some checking has confirmed that this beautiful vessel is K'ung Fu-tse built by her designer the famous Tom Colvin.

    According to a response from his son Kevin today  -
    "This is the original K'ung Fu-tse. I lived on her for 3 years. My brother stayed on board for 6 years and my father and my mother lived on board for 13 years. The boat was in Alva Florida and after my dad built the house down there he sold it to someone in England. The features give it away. The pilot house, the portholes. The boat was sold in 1989-1990.
    I still have the nameplate that was hand carved by my father. The original home port was Panama. That was to not have to comply with Coast Guard regulations."

    It appears that her new owners then sailed her across the Atlantic and she came to reside in Scotland.

    More information, photos and drawings here and here.

    It seems she was sold again in 1998 and so far I have not tracked down her current owners who seem to be either using her as a floating home as she has been at that berth at least since 2018 (see here) or have been restoring her to take her on new adventures.

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  • 13 Jun 2022 18:10
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    Spotted in the Caledonian canal, Scotland. No sign of life aboard, no name displayed. 

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