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  • 07 Jun 2022 05:41
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    Yes, of course I remember Maurice.  He was our R&D Secretary for many years and enthusiastic in encouraging Bunny's experiments and promoting the wind-testing PHD by Jody Chapman, which, unfortunately, was not particularly illuminating.

    Maurice was also something of an innovator himself.  He fitted hinged battens to his Capricorn and back in the 90s, was working with Jody to try and establish polar diagrams with this boat, much as Alan Boswell was doing - insofar as the Covid pandemic would let him - a year or so ago.  Maurice was always intrigued by how to improve the kunk rig and devoted a lot of time and energy to it, not being afraid of considering unorthodox explanations.  He was a dedicated committee member and worked closely with Robin Blain.  I only met him a couple of times myself, because we were off voyaging in Badger, when Maurice started becoming very active in the JRA, so I can't say that I knew him well.  He was one of those enthusiastic volunteers, who gave his time generously to the Association, asking little in return.  We need more people like him!

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    I have received the following message from Maurice's daughter, Liz MacEwan. She asked me to post it here so that members who knew Maurice would know of his death

    My father died on Friday 20th May, thankfully he died peacefully and in no pain, aged 94. He was so passionate about junk rigs and sailing - love of the sea is something he gave me and I'll always be grateful for that,

    I’m not sure if there is anyone who remembers my father still, the only name I remember him mentioning which I am sure was in relation to junk rigs, was Bunny Smith, I think an old fighter pilot who must have been older than dad.

    Iain Blair


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