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  • 13 Jan 2022 17:31
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    Where is Teleport today and what is she doing?

    Note: I've edited my original post.

    I spoke with her new owner recently by phone, in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada. (I'm in Halifax, N.S.) It was short and I'm having trouble with my hearing plus he has a bit of a Acadian French accent. I was looking to buy back the wind-up chiming marine clock she had when I sold her. Unfortunately it seems it was removed and replaced by something more mundane. Not to digress, I found one for a good price on eBay. It has a beautiful ring, when I'm wearing my hearing aids.

    So, she is tied up at the present owner's wharf. He's a commercial fisherman, recovering from surgery at the moment. So, work on the boat has to wait.

    I learned a bit more about what happened to Teleport just before our fisherman friend took ownership. The previous owner had set out for Australia but soon tired of the effort and came back to Prince Rupert, promptly running aground on the way. The Coast Guard was summoned and she was towed to a privately owned, commercial wharf. Teleport's owner asked the wharf owner to keep an eye on the boat. No terms were discussed. The owner then disappeared and could not be located. So, our fisherman friend laid claim to the boat which was granted.

    I'm told there was a hole in the bow (no details) which has been temporarily patched;  one of the two bow rollers was damaged; the Hasler self-steering was damaged and the rudder was cracked. Oh yes, he said, "The mast was in the trees." What an image! How could that be? In that neck of the woods, the shore lines are very, very steep, above and below water. The owner remarked on the sturdiness of the fittings. (I credit that to the designer's scantlings.)

    He hopes I can visit next summer, his recovery and COVID permitting. We've already met, in Vancouver, before the pandemic. I make an annual trip to Vancouver anyway. Fingers crossed. It would be such a treat to see her again.

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