Issue 61 and Pete's tabernacles

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    Hi Karlis

    If you have a read of Shirley's website here, she explaiins that one side was tapered to allow easier access in the forepeak.  There is a detailed piece about her boat refit on the site.

    Cheers, Peter

    [Webmaster edit: Shirley's blog can also be found in Junk Info > External Links > Members' Blogs and Websites]

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    I don't think there's a hard and fast rule about this. As Pete says, he builds a mast first, and then builds a tabernacle to suit it. I would guess that he tapered Speedwell's tabernacle to reduce its bulk below, and to get it to land on the top of the keel neatly. Such thick wood would have to be steamed to bend it, I think, though maybe a powerful clamp is enough to pull the sides in. There's nothing to pull against, to pull the back into a curve. I'm not sure that scarphing is a good idea, I would rather have the sides and back running straight through. I've only made two small wooden tabernacles, for a dinghy and a dayboat, but from that experience, I would say to keep the sides parallel unless there's a good reason not to.
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    Absolutely fabulous work on issue 61! 
    I particularly enjoyed the photo of ZeBeDee in Chagauramas, Trinidad, the very same place I first picked up a case of junkrig-itis.

    Excellent articles and photos. All the colourful yellow red and blue hulls are delightful!

    I have a technical query about Pete Hill's tabernacle design, the photo of Speedwell's tabernacle on page 32 does not match the technical drawing on page 33. The drawing does not have the box foot taper evident in the photo. I'm curious about the taper details. Is the foot tapered in two dimensions (square foot) or one (rectangular foot)? Are the box stave lengths bent or scarfed together with a angle? 

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