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  • 10 Jul 2021 08:39
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    We cruised alot on a RL24. Our gulf much smaller though but known for steep 4 foot chop as windward is a 100m depth channel that concentrates energy to unleash on the shallower bulk.

    That was a great size for 2-3 people and used with upto 5 weeks of supplies. Only 155kg keel though, I think it'd be more work with a heavier unstayed mast. Although underway, I'm assuming the junk rig is a much better lifting sail, anchored vessel might rotate a bit more. We used lightweight Bermuda rig and placed heavy stow ballast at leading edge of keel to improve rough ride but counter of such was crew always in cockpit to get waterline and tacking drag on keelson was from a very shallow model.

    All up with months of provisions, tow weight of 2 km tow around 1500kg.and launched retrieved by 1800cc Subaru.

    Nice boat though, easy to learn on, I'm thinking America imported or built some too. I think they're Australians most bought trailer sailer. We just stayed in our gulf though, probably fit in a 150x50 km box and plenty to explore and learn.

    We preferred buckets to through holes, we often beached on ebb tide in knee deep if you go walking soft mud. Didn't worry about pipe work and such. On harder beaches, plane flat enough to lay about 15 degrees. Is slow work when beating into rough stuff but upright when beached. Always beached on tides to avoid scratching gel coat and having moisture penetrate protection barrier.

    I'd be to scared to cross a gulf as large as yours though. Simply bumping post with an idea. I'm not a big fan of through holes.

    Fast enough boat in conditions though. Best average was about 8 knots over 3.5 hours. Mostly around 2-3 knots is my guess.

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  • 01 Jun 2021 01:14
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    Wow, that's a lot of boat! I didn't realise something that big could be trailerable. It's more boat than what I had in mind, though. I've been looking at the MacGregor 22, of which there are many on the market around here. Here's a link:

    Looks like the mast could be placed just forward of the original mast, without cutting into the bunk.

    I'd go for anything that's even just one step up from a dinghy. I don't even really mind cooking outside or setting up a tent under the sail bundle every night to sleep in a cockpit. A camping-type experience is OK! The only reason I'm not aiming for a dinghy is that I think a boat with an enclosed cabin will be more seaworthy, and it will be simpler to toss things into the cabin to get sailing rather than to pack everything into watertight containers and bags every time I want to get under way.

    I'm assuming I'll be going engineless and carrying a yuloh or a skulling oar.

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  • 31 May 2021 17:46
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    Hi Maxime,

    They rarely come on the market but if you can find a Parker Dawson 26 (aka Midship 25) you would, in my opinion, have the exact boat you are describing.

    One of them took part (and finished) in the 1976 Ostar.
    My comment on a great thread about these amazing vessels.

    The guys in that thread are real enthusiasts and very helpful.
    They may even be able to tell you of any for sale.
    Tell them StormSignalSA sent you. :-)

    Were I to own one of these the temptation would be huge to turn that centre cockpit into the kind of 'command center' that Jock McLeod designed for Rón Glas.
    (On a Parker 26 it would seat 4 persons rather than the 2 on Rón Glas.)

    There is a PD26 Facebook group here.

    Attached are a few images so you can get a taste.

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  • 31 May 2021 02:30
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    Hello to everyone,

    I am looking for a recommendation for a trailer sailor that would suit conversion to junk rig. I am located in Montreal, Canada and I could buy anywhere on the east coast.

    Towing vehicle: 3/4 tonne truck, almost 10000 lbs towing capacity but would like to keep it under 4-5000 lbs with trailer.


    - Fairly light, water ballast?

    - Closed cabin

    Lifting keel or leeboards, so it can be beached

    Convertable to junk (don't mind doing split, or mast tilted forward)

    Can sleep two but usually just one

    Don't need much of a galley and don't mind using bucket and chuck it for heads.

    Seaworthy for crossing the gulf of Saint Lawrence and sailing on the east coast

    I would greatly appreciate your recommendations for models to search out. I have been looking at Macgregor boats. I would like to pay $2000-3000, and I don't mind doing a bit of work on the boat.

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