Converting 40 ft Samson c shanty centerboard sloop ( Ferro cement )

  • 29 May 2021 23:55
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    Hi Dennis,

    How fantastic to see another ferro is about to be turned to junk. :-)

    I am part way through converting a 32ft Samson C-Mist into a JR Sloop.

    For what reasons does your dad seek such a person?

    You have some really knowledgeable people right there in NZ.

    I would love to see pictures of your dad's C-Shanty.

    You can see my Jasmine in the albums on my profile page and email me from there.

    All the best and welcome to the JRA.

  • 29 May 2021 10:11
    Reply # 10571885 on 10571093

    It looks like an interesting project. I am not a "boat designer with junk rig experience" but if your Dad is in New Zealand I would be interested to make contact anyway, being on the same journey, as it were. Any relation to Chas Strange?

  • 29 May 2021 02:14
    Message # 10571093

    Posted on behalf of my dad. He's building a junk rig. He's looking for contact with a boat designer with junk rig experience. Preferably in new Zealand also anyone in new Zealand have a SABB diesel engine REP?

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