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  • 20 Jul 2012 21:19
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    Here in the UK (you're in NZ, right?) I've never had any problems when insuring any of my three junks. It seems to be just another rig as far as they are concerned, and one even said 'that sounds very safe'. I always opt out of racing cover as we don't, so I'd expect the rig to be covered for the sort of cruising that we do. I must check!

    When we changed Paradox from Freedom to junk the insurers wanted a survey. Told them we'd look for a different company then, having had her surveyed 30 months earlier at the time of purchase. They backed down and even accepted my slightly increased valuation. 
  • 20 Jul 2012 20:11
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     I would suspect a lot of the voyagers here sail without any insurance, but for the rest of us, are there any special considerations when buying insurance for a junk rigged boat?  Do underwriters take the rig into account in risk premiums or  in replacement costs? Does a junk rig change the value assessment of a boat?

    I doubt my very inexpensive boat's insurance would cover re-rigging with a junk rig in the coverage.  Has anyone seen coverage include re-rigging a replacement boat?  I imagine on more expensive boats the rig is a much smaller percentage of the total value of the boat.  

    I'm not having any insurance issues, but I'm curious if anyone has any experiences in this department.
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