Splash down

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  • 18 Jul 2012 13:18
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    I was going to be earning $$ tomorrow but the rain has changed that plan. I would say in the last fortnight I've seen a day and half of sunshine and no rain. The good news is I can work on Redwing all day.
  • 18 Jul 2012 09:59
    Message # 1013089
    Deleted user
    Shall we start running a sweepstake on who splashes first: Redwing, La Chica, Malliemac, Hestur or Oryx?

    There is one boat missing from Annie's list of who may be the first to splash and that is Robin Blain's new Boat Gigi, a 20' Swallow boat design. He is hoping to launch at the Bradwell rally this coming weekend and unless Pete Hill has already launched Oryx, which he hoped to do sometime in July, Robin will take the prize.
    I hope to step Mallie's mast next week and with a bit of luck launch in time for the North Wales rally in September. It will be close and I do need some dry weather first, so if you are listening up there, we've had enough rain for now, thank you!
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