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  • Footprints' motor in the raised position. Winch to right is for raising and lowering the motor,single finger operation almost. Remotes are under the burgandy cover in the foreground of the photo.
  • Flutterby's main with the reefed bundle at an odd angle.
  • Ring lashed to my main yard. A round lashing with an extra half-hitch and a surgeons's knot to use up the tails.
  • Detail at top of Footprints' yard. Solid block of timber epoxy glued into end of alloy yard and then simple lashings.
  • Footprints yard lashing and span to top of the yard. Yard is inside the sleeve which is a very tidy arrangement but makes modification to yard attachment a bit difficult.
  • The halyard to yard lashing on Footprints. The blue line is 4mm Spectra which goes around the yard for 5 turns. The yellow line is 6mm spectra which goes to the top of the yard.
  • Vanharouvas yard principle
  • Flutterby's mizzen yard, with a temporary sling to attach the balyard block, and a ring I'm thinking of using to attach the yard hauling parrel
  • Fantail's existing companionway
  • Drag polar for "Chen" - based symmetrical foil, showing very sharp peak to the Cl curve, with a sudden stall at 14 degrees.
  • Virtual wind tunnel test of "Chen" -based symmetrical foil. 12 degrees angle attack, Re = 3million, rough leading edge, coefficient of lift 1.52, L/D 105
  • Symmetrical foil based on the upper surface of the "Chen" airfoil.
  • Section of a symmetrical wing sail proposed by Gabriel Elkaim
  • Badger's mainsheet horse
  • Hesturs new self steering
  • self steering wind vane. Hestur
  • Forward portion of a wing-sail based on UI1720 foil section, showing a wishbone moulded from CFRP braided tube, over a former of closed cell foam 60mm x 10mm.
  • An alternative to "Amateur method B " which might allow the panels to set better.
  • The foot of Tystie's gallows
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