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  • Sib-Lim AKA "The Clog" by Hampus
  • The forward part is made out of two Clark Y extrado profiles, one on port and one on starbor, crossing at 70% of the cord. The rear is a flexible batten that is hold by two sheetlets.
  • The skin (Polypropylene cover) of the wing is fixed to the armature via electric plastic bounds.
  • The battens are very mold. I used electric wire tubes to reinforce the rear part (to the right). The forward part (to the left) is hold flat by the skins.
  • The yard is a PVC waste water pipe. The skin is passing around the tube to build the top forward profile.
  • The two layers of skin are cut from a cheap thin polypropylene cover.
  • A batten with diagonal stiffening stantion. The rear part (up) in position as on port.
  • A trial on a lake with almost no wind. We succeed sailing!
  • The lambda sheeting with the two sheetlet one at the end of the batten and the other at the hinge area.
  • This is a v quick sketch of a Bernd Kholer KD 860 overdrawn in the style of a Badger.
  • Righting arm/ righting moment curve for Shoestring
  • New rig for Shoestring part a. Fan shaped sail, carbon fibre mast set forward of current position by 1 meter. mast in tabernacle.
  • New rig for Shoestring part b. Once again a carbon fibre mast in a tabernacle as in part a. Very simple sail shape probably with camber. Mizzen mast off set and can be lifted out easily.
  • New rig for Shoestring part c. Current pine mast height position. Dhow/ Junk type rig. Double sheeting. 10 metre giant bamboo battens and probably weed-mat sail material. Lower panel can be reefed up.
  • David Tyler's panel shape
  • This is it, The MK. III Test rig, lets hope it works
  • Ash Woods's MK 2 rig for testing sail panels
  • Ash Woods's Mk 1 rig for testing sail panels
  • A set of lines published at:
  • Arne type test panel
  • camber intended 10% but emerged at 7% positioned at 40% aft of main's luff. Leach of jiblet is tight and luff of main loose so alterations in hand before the simultaneous tests.
  • Split Junk under construction.The batten length of the 'main' is 1450mm, slot 110mm,jib 440mm. 10% camber designed. I made the Jib leach too tight so it will be altered .
  • Arne type panel, B= 2000mm, P= 500mm 10% camber designed. Came out a bit less. Length around the curved side with 'R' included was 2040mm, so 5 darts, 5,10,10,10,5 were inserted in area of camber.
  • 5 'Broad seam' darts inserted to try to keep max camber well forward and to allow neat batten pockets. All construction supervised by Battersea Jack who does have a head.
  • FishTail batten. This one is 2.5m long x 0.4m wide. The nose is 1/2"ply. Aluminium tubes are 1"x1/2". The cross tube is made from a piece of 15mm plastic water pipe.
  • FishTail Batten.
  • AeroJunk 2014
  • Donald Ridler's sheet to tiller steering on Erik the Red.
  • Diagram of Ashiki's composting loo. (General forum - Haybox etc)
  • Composting head for thread on the General forum.
  • The hand-stitched patch. Homeward-bounders in order to get sailing again asap.
  • Close-up of the Odyssey fabric showing how easily the cloth has torn.
  • The tear on the leach of Fantail's Odyssey sail.
  • The second panel up of Tystie's fanned sail, re-cut to remove excessive cloth and camber.
  • A proposal for an easy-to-make, long-lasting panel seam & batten pocket
  • Breakdown of the cloth in the second panel from the bottom of Tystie's sail, due to flapping when the two lower panels of the sail are reefed.
  • Traditional Junks with 'junk jibs'.
  • Mark Thomasson's junk jib for Heavenly Twins catamaran
  • Reddish Rig on Catboat Guy Marlow
  • Here is an alternative for you Gary
  • Yard lashing for hauling ring. Yards are Douglas-Fir with kevlar roving set in a double groove down each side. Line is 1/4" polyester three-strand, seized and whipped.
  • Vanharouva's deck layout
  • mehitabel's sacrificial rudder pieces. The lefthand one makes the bottom horizontal, and is a crushable structure. The righthand one is the endplate. Sikaflex 291 glues all together. KJU
  • Another view of the mainsail, showing tabling detail and pocket ends.
  • The mainsail, stretched out after sewing. Sail is approximately 12' 3" by 33' 1". Batten angles are 10,10,10,12,14,17,22,60 degrees. Fabric is Odyssey III. I've added grommets at head, foot, luff.
  • Sketch of a batten pocket layout for a long-distance cruising sail, to be assembled panel-by-panel.
  • Making oculi, stage 2 - white castings propped up so that the recess in the bottom is level, and black-pigmented polyester casting resin poured in.
  • Making oculi, stage 1 - PP bowl, 4 oz of polyester casting resin with plenty of white pigment and white microspheres filler. Bowl tilted so that the pupil is to one side of the oculus.
  • Hull aperture for Footprints' outboard well and anti cavitation plate above the prop. Almost like a sail drive unit. The long skeg beside the motor may also help direct thrust.
  • Outboard well to right of cockpit (actually port side) with cover down.
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