Photos - Junks Old and New
Some reproductions of old lithographs and photographs, and other photos of junk rigged boats.
60 photo(s) Updated on: 11 Sep 2011
  • Are these Japanese junks?
  • Time out for a careworn hull - note the new mainsail and the rudder raised clear of damage.
  • War junks at anchor and under sail.
  • River warships of the Guangzhou area.
  • Guangzhou flower boat.
  • Chinese coasting craft drying out near Macau.
  • Large fishing boats at anchor and under sail.
  • Macau passenger craft and a small boat for transporting fish.
  • Close hauled on port tack. Note the mixed cargo on deck.
  • Working upwind and crossing tacks.
  • East meets West - a hybrid rig, fully battened fore-staysail.
  • Ghosting along on a beam reach on starboard tack.
  • Running wing and wing - a beautiful sight.
  • Resting at anchor in the evening light.
  • Loading sand in harbour.
  • Carriage in stone jars dates from at least the Tang dynasty and is probably older still.
  • Chinese junk, Hong Kong
  • Chinese junks off Macao.
  • Chinese junk, Hong Kong.
       " ...there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in junk-rigged boats" 
                                                               - the Chinese Water Rat

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