Expecting..... a Badger!

  • 25 Jul 2020 16:30
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    I have no idea how women can stand the 9 months of pregnancy awaiting their child.

    Boat is finally being trucked to Newport Rhode Island and we are over excited.

    I bought a fiberglass sailing dinghy ($50) ready to shorten with a ply transom when we finally see the configuration of foredeck and skylight.

    I have a metal working friend making one good Aries self steering from the THREE units I bought for a song.  (My wife instructed me to stop buying them until boat arrives and all this stuff goes aboard and she gets her garage back....)

    I have enough 40 and 50 LB anchors to sink a battleship but no chain yet.  That stuff is expensive!

    Underwriters don't like the words "home made" or wood so I got a new survey done which solved that.  Passed with flying colours by a surveyor who is also a serious sailor who recognised her pedigree and quality build.

    So we expect to restep the rigs, slap on a barrier coat and antifouling, and fit the Aries and go sailing.

    Shemaya, attending the junket in Maine on Labor Day weekend might be a stretch....or it may all come together quickly.  We will see.

    David D.

  • 25 Jul 2020 20:33
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    De sure and post pictures of the new arrival


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