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  • 09 Jul 2019 09:27
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    Time to sell:

    Shoestring has become too big for me. She would be a good holiday boat for a couple or a family, but also a great all round livaboard. With one meter draft she is well suited  for exploring the Hauraki Gulf and New Zealand East Coast but she is very strongly built and her sister-ship has been off-shore to New Caledonia.

    Shoestring can easily be sailed shorthanded. I liken it to sailing a 10m dinghy that stays upright; a very BIG small boat, light and responsive for its size.  That is what originally attracted me to her.

    Since owning Shoestring I have made some changes. She originally came with a 10M  wooden mast and one 600 sq foot Dacron sail. A couple of years later, I found that the mast had rotted about 2.5 meters down from the top. It was after hanging off the halyard, poking a screwdriver through the wood that I gingerly lowered myself back to safety. It had rotted 3/4 way round, so I cut it off from the damaged part and made a low aspect rig, adding a junk mizzen and foresail. It was an experiment to help balance the rig that suffered weather helm. The low aspect three mast rig was easier to steer but  became sluggish in light winds.

    I sailed the route Auckland, Bay off Islands, Great Barrier Island and back to Auckland in 2014. On the way to Great Barrier in strong winds, a crack developed along the glue-line of the main mast. It sounded and looked bad. I reefed and motor-sailed to Great Barrier Island, then lashed the crack with rope and sailed back to Auckland when the weather settled.

    Rot and cracks convinced me it was time to replace the old wooden mast with a steel mast. I re-fitted the original 600 sq foot Dacron sail (still in good condition). The battens are a mixture of bamboo in the upper panels and more flexible fibre glass lower down. I have 6.5 meter T6 aluminium battens that will go with Shoestring in case new owner wants to try a split-junk rig. The 280kg steel mast is lighter and 2.5 meters taller than the original 10 m wooden mast and is strong enough to carry extra sail area.

    The steel mast diameter is narrower at deck level. This means I could rake it forward without changing the mast step position. The 3-5 degree forward rake creates more balance and she currently has slight weather helm but can steer herself to windward in light conditions. The extra mast height provides the option of adding another sail panel for light winds.  

    I also replaced the original Johnson 15hp, 2 stroke outboard to a Yamaha 4 stroke 9.9 high thrust motor. This has made a big improvement to the whole experience. The  long shaft Yamaha does not cavitate and has a lot more torque. It is quiet and economical and easily pushes Shoestring at hull speed. The outboard is mounted in an engine well and can be winched upwards on sliders so the prop clears the water. The Yamaha was bought new in 2013,  it has always been flushed after use and carb run dry. It was fully serviced in February 2019 at Yamaha Albany, Auckland, and hardly used since.

    Originally Shoestring had the standard marine pump toilet with no holding tank. The pump failed and got repaired a couple of times and has now been replaced with a composting toilet. The new system is much easier to  maintain. There is no need for water, no moving parts and none of the inherent marine toilet odour common with the standard system....simplicity wIns agaIn.

    Shoestring has a 130 watt solar panel, two 6 volt 220 amp hour house batteries and a separate starter battery for the engine that trickle charges off solar. The interior is lit with LED lights and it has a Christchurch made 'Little Cracker' double burner wood-stove (with fiddle and window). The yellow canopy over the cockpit is also a rainwater catcher. I had a gas water-heater but for simplicity's sake removed it and now boil water on the wood stove or gas cooker. A collapsible PVC zip-up shower-bag is available and stows next to the mast in the fore-cabin beside the toilet. Lately I have just used a big flexi bucket.

    Shoestring is a self sufficient off the grid sailing home that can reach 9 knots in a good breeze. Under the right conditions she will comfortably average 6-6.5 knots over a longer distance.

    She was hauled out in March this year (Paddy's Day), painted and anti-fouled. When hauled out, I added an end plate to the rudder, see blurry photo (poor light, not alcohol :0)) I have not sailed it since adding the end plate, but hope it will lighten the tiller when reaching in stronger winds.

    $60,000 is the price I paid and her sister ship Footprints recently sold for a similar amount. Shoestring has new mast, relatively new engine, toilet and wood stove. It is a very functional and practical yacht for a couple, family or intrepid lone adventurer. 

    As a unique, attractive, uncomplicated, spacious, comfortable, not to mention versatile sailing home, with good blue- water potential, I welcome all inquiries. 



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