Junk Rigged Trimaran (Buccaneer 24)

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  • 21 Feb 2019 08:19
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    Hello Morgan,

    You might be thinking of Gp Capt Smith, who had a junk rig on a Dragonfly 27ft tri, Nymph.

    There's an article in Newsletter no 33, April 1997 which would be worth looking at, as a starting point for your design. And another one in Newsletter no, 34.

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  • 21 Feb 2019 04:40
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    Welcome Morgan. I am an experienced trimaran sailor having owned and cruised extensively offshore in a Jim Brown Searunner 37, and a few years ownership and coastal sailing in a Newick Val 31. Just some comments. The sail plan you have posted here will not work. It is probably positioned to achieve correct CE? The yard needs to hang from the mast at a position of 50% to about 60% along the length of the yard from the lower end so the way you have the yard to mast attachment at the top of the yard is a no go. You need to think about all that weight forward in what are very narrow hulls which are not designed to carry a lot of weight. The sail plan as drawn puts a lot of sail area up high which could make for a very capsize prone trimaran.

    All of the above comments are not saying that the junk rig will not work on a Buccaneer 24, but you need to come up with a light weight option, and something which is going to provide lift to the bows rather than forcing them down. I am struggling with similar problems on a Bernd Kohler 6m catamaran I am building. Having owned a junk rig yacht now for 12 years I am very keen to continue with a junk rig on the new catamaran. After thinking about different options I decided the junk rig would not work, but now I am thinking of other ways to fit the rig. If I do so I would go for a rig such as David Tyler is currently working on for his small cruising yacht. Have a look at what he is doing on his forum posts - A Wing Sail for Weaverbird.

    By the way, one of my 'dream yachts' has always been a Crowther Buccaneer 40. When I first saw one of these in the late 1970's I thought it was an absolutely beautiful boat. A very nice example has come up for sale locally at a price I can afford, but I have decided not to go there simply because of the amount of hull and deck surface area to maintain. Probably if I was 10 years younger they would have had a buyer! Copy and paste this URL if you want to have a look


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  • 21 Feb 2019 00:36
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    Hello all,

    New here, new to junk rigs.. That is, never sailed a JR boat before, just read extensively about them!

    I am interested in building a Buccaneer 24, for coastal cruising in the Gulf of Mexico, USA, The Keys, and Bahamas.. I am wanting to have a junk rig on the tri for multiple reasons.. Pretty much summed up by the 50 advantages pdf that Annie compiled.

    I am uploading a sail plan that I made with the help of Practical Junk Rig. (The cut out and balance method) I moved the mast location forward a few feet, 2.5' I believe.. Basically just moved it forward to clear the forward slope of the cabin. This puts in in a forward sail locker, and would provide the suggested 1/10 bury for the mast.

    Any advice? I have been searching around for other JR tri's and saw the 16? footer here on the forum. I also saw mention of a 28' tri that (Skip Johnson?) used for research? Couldn't come up with much info on that one though.. Maybe Im just not looking in the right places! I did read somewhere that it would be easier to adapt a junk rig to the trimaran platform, than to the catamarans, which makes sense to me..

    Just wanted to start a post on this, Ive been pretty excited reading and researching this. Was anxiously awaiting my pending Junk Rig Association membership so I could post something about this, ha!

    _Morgan Welch

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