Hybrid Aero split junk sail.

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  • 30 Jul 2023 10:20
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    I have wanted to try making a junk sail for my Hunter liberty. I see it has been done before using traditional junk sails. I saw Paul's Aero Junk concept, Slieve's articles and  Arne's detailed instructions on making a cambered barrel sail. I also digested the Practical Junk rig book. I was also intrigued by using formers to have the sail more central. As I have a pivotable mast I made the formers in one piece as I can easily take them off by removing the pivot pin of the mast. I decided on an egg shape to eradicate corners. I used top and bottom formers for each for and aft batten.  After much brain ache, mast searching and sewing, I have made a 12 panel sail. 6 mini jibs to help funnel the air to the front edge of the 6 main sail panels. They were made using Arne's barrel method. I have yet to put it on my boat, but have erected it on the top pivotable section of the mast in my garden the actual mast is another 1.7m longer. I think I'm fairly happy with the appearance and camber. The sail is approximately 22m2 (240ft2). To attach my lines I 3d printed some plastic grommets that push fit into predrilled holes on the battens. I can then tie through them without chaffing. The sail is made from 4oz ripstop nylon. (I am only planning coastal and river sailing). The yard is made from 50mm 1.6mm aluminium and all the other battens are 35mm 1.6mm. I can't wait to try it out..

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