Who supplies the JRA burgee?

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  • 10 Jul 2019 23:57
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hi Pol,

    Being in the UK, you can get a burgee by writing to Iain, our treasurer, to let him know your mailing address. The cost is £15, which can be sent by PayPal to treasurer@junkrigassociation.org. We also now have house flags, for the same cost.

    For folks in other world regions, flags can be sent from the USA or from New Zealand – the updated version of our Junk Shop burgee and flag information is just about together, and should be posted soon.

    Zazzle does not do flags, but thanks to Annie Hill doing a significant amount of work, we now have these!


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  • 10 Jul 2019 22:58
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    I've been to both UK and NZ online shops trying to obtain a JRA burgee. So far I've not found one. If I am wearing the OGA burgee again next time we cross tacks with WEAVERBIRD I can expect trouble! And quite rightly - it is high time we had one: to fly the flag for the association as well as the pleasure of having one to hoist. I hope someone can point me in the right direction. Then we can go cruising with a clear conscience! Thanks,


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