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  • 02 Oct 2013 22:53
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    Project type: Web

    To amalgamate our five Googlemaps into one
    To display the single map on the home page as a 'recruitment ad'
    To encourage members to pin their boats to maps

    Familiarity with Google maps. Manipulate them or screenshots of them and copy data from the five maps to the monster.

    We encourage members to mark their boat's current position on our location maps , and to update them regularly.This is one way for members to figure out who is near them for rally/junket organisation, and for new members to find friends or a like-minded member who might offer a familiarisation sail.

    Two ways of doing this:
    Slow - create a world Google map and copy pins from the five maps
    Quicker - grab screenshots of each map and mosaic them into one.

    At 2/10/2013 we had just 76 of 442 (17%) members' boats 'pinned' on our Google maps, despite the web team regularly offering to do this for members..
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