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  • 10 Jul 2020 10:24
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Welcome aboard, Hazel.

    Having two friends with ferro boats which has lasted well, I have quite good confidence in the material. but your vessel surely is quite a beast!

    A few questions (since you want input on the rig):

    • ·         About how much does she weigh?
    • ·         What is your sailing ambitions with her? Are you aiming for an 80/20 motorboat with aux rig, a 50/50 motorsailer or 80/20 sailing vessel?
    • ·         Are the position of the masts literally cast in concrete, or do you have any idea of moving them? I ask because I think three masts result in very steep sheeting angles.
    • ·         Could that sail plan be fitted with a scale on it, indicating a 10m length? That would make it much easier if someone would have a go on drawing sails to her.

    As for the matter of gender, I can only say good luck (and mean it). For my own part, on this JRA-website, issues like political, religious or sexual orientations, as well as skin colour, eye colour and preferred cars or whisky, are of little interest to me.


  • 10 Jul 2020 08:49
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    Thanks to all for your interest in my Spray, your comments are enlightening, especially about ferro cement, I did have a lot of doubts about it in the beginning, and having spent time on google researching, I finally found a comment in a “posh sailing mag” that was generally anti, however one contributor made a comment “ the only thing wrong with a ferro boat is if it is sailing toward you “ this decided me. Having spent four years half full of water I suggest other materials would have failed.
    Just a brief intro about me to clear up any confusion, I’m transgender, my story is as complicated as my boats, I’ve no wish to distract from things nautical, but I try to be honest, especially as I hope to meet up with members some time.


  • 09 Jul 2020 17:05
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    Having grown up in Australia, I don't hold the usual phobia about Ferro as every second backyard had one being built.

    You get a lot of boat with a ferro hull.  Water accumulation in the bilge doesn't rot or corrode her.  Exterior damage can easily be repaired with non marine epoxies.  Industrial coatings and techniques can be used.

    Well done to Hazel (or Ian?  confused).  A big project but that nice dry interior with wheelhouse and WORKSHOP will be well worth it.

    Hard to see a heavy boat sailed shorthanded that size being anything other than a motor sailor, respectfully, so the junk rig is PERFECT for her.

    Please keep us up to date.

  • 09 Jul 2020 13:05
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    This boat of the month gained my attention because of sails, which are somewhat different from what is mostly recommended at present. The AR of all three sails is 2,8. This suits me, as im my new boat I think of something around 2,5, while recommendations ends up at 2,25. Also, lower "rectangular" panels of different size, changing  from the 31% for bottom one to 19% for the highest are very interesting solution. I'd love to see relevant comments from those who knows it all. With my CARABELA 650 I'm still in the carpentry phase, so regarding sails nothing is really final. 

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  • 08 Jul 2020 00:32
    Message # 9087151

    Thanks to those who have responded to the request for boats to feature each month. Working through the membership list, about 50% are responding which is pretty good, I guess.

    I started this thread because I think it would add an interesting dimension to featuring a new boat each month if there were a little feedback.

    I thought the scow from last month was a particularly interesting and unusual design.


    Featuring Colne, this month, was done especially in the hope that members who have expertise would offer advice to Hazel as to how the rig should be set up.

    This is huge project, but great progress has already been made. The hull has been cleaned up and much of the interior is now done, and looking good. Here are some thumbnails showing some of the interior (Click on them for full size.)

    When Hazel got the boat, two of the sails were unusable and new ones were ordered immediately, so Hazel is committed to the sail plan shown on this drawing. They look like old-school Hasler McLeod, flat cut, very high AR - a bit like Badger's original sails?

    The running rigging was a mess, and it is in this area that comments and advice would be especially welcome. Even better, it would be great if there is someone in the immediate locality (St Osyth, Essex) who could pay a visit and give some hands-on advice. Contact details can be found by searching "coln spray" in the membership directory.

    Comments on this thread would be welcome.

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