Ah-Sup sheeting - securing adjustable end

  • 15 Jul 2019 20:38
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    Anonymous wrote:

    What does the green bungee do in your picture of the D-rings?

    Stops the sail swinging round :-)

    The bungee replaces the main sheet. I have sailed with this lash-up and it worked, albeit without trying reefing. I like your idea of bringing the line along to the mast - would make reefing easier. Will see what I can work out.

  • 15 Jul 2019 17:13
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    What does the green bungee do in your picture of the D-rings?

  • 15 Jul 2019 17:10
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    Hi Martin, I used the Ahsup variation on my Wayfarer. What I did was run the free end forward underneath the "boom" to a small turning block tied to the boom right at the mast and brought down to a camcleat mounted on my tabernacle. When I practiced reefing, it was easy to pull in the excess and cleat it off at the same time as adjusting my batten parrels/downhauls (same as Slieve's type) and halyard, all at the mast.

    Practiced it a couple of times and it worked well except I need to put indicator threads along the adjusting (anti-twist) line to give a mark for how much to pull the line in when when the sail is sheeted out from the centre.

    So the plan is, when I'm tying on the indicator threads, to  raise the. sail fully when ashore, set the mainsheet for close-hauled sailing, reef the sail one panel at a time, then haul in the other line ( I'll call it the anti-twist line) until the sail is close-hauled again and tie/sew an indicator thread just above the camcleat. And do this for each reef position.

    In theory then, when I reef a panel, I will be able to get the setting right when  I line up the mark with the cleat no matter how far the mainsheet is sheeted out.

    Still haven't managed to sail the thing since 2017, which is very annoying, especially seeing the various SJR's which have been completed since I made mine. Nearly there though, nearly there.

    Dave D.

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  • 15 Jul 2019 12:55
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    I'm trying to sort out the sheets on my SJR Wanderer dinghy which is using the Ah-Sup sheeting system. Currently the adjustable end of the spanline is fed through my lashed-up prototype 2 D rings. Seems to work but not very robust and probably not reliable.

    If you've used this system how do you control the adjusable end? Just use a knot?


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