A proa and aero junk or split rig questions?

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  • 10 Jul 2018 16:49
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    So, first some background… Feel to skip to << if you want to save a few paragraphs.  


    I have been lurking for a few months while, reading books, binging sailing vlogs and so on.  Even joined up with a local boat builder group and had the opportunity to sail for a few hours.  It was fun.   I tacked, I gybed and better yet no one died, got wet or thunked their noggin’.  So winner winner chicken dinner.

    Long term I have always thought of live aboard, but that is a few years down the road.  There are basically zero JR boats in my region - great lakes area of the USA.  As a live aboard (side note here, I would move to east coast), I would lean multihull I think.  So now even less.  I like the idea of light and easily driven in a low breeze conditions.  Electric?  Sure yes.  Single handing?  Um hmm…  Well, okay, now we are in rainbow striped unicorn with polka dots land of availability/probability. 

    Solution?  Build something.   Sounds silly, but I would end up with an adventure/project now that my daughter is almost off to college, new skills, and the ability to repair, or at least (un/re)install, anything that broke.  Added plus would be I would get to choose the complexities I want to fix/deal with later, versus those I do not…  Like no black water system - use a composting head only.   No below waterline through hulls, outboard versus inboard diesel (probably the number one trouble maker I see in sailing volgs – to be fair here it’s the bits making the diesel go that are a constant cause of issues, but still), etc, etc.

    Still, starting on some grand boat project sounds like asking for (more) trouble as a newb, so I decided to build a little boat first.  Worst case?  If I fail, the cost of that fail is small.  Best case?  It will give me something to learn to sail on while I work on a bigger version if desired.

    That leaves what to build?   I am not a conformist.  So am weighing between Bhernd Kholer (various cats, but first boat would be little tri http://ikarus342000.com/LITTLETRIPAGE.htm) and Rob Denny (Harry Proa, first crack would be the newer version of this one http://harryproa.com/?cat=40).   I am maybe shading proa I think at this point, which brings the JR focus.


    Obviously multihulls run on form stability, and can support only certain amount of sail before running risks.   Equally obvious, the better SA/D the better they will sail in light winds, and just go fast.  Not going to lie here, I like speed.  But, I also like lazy and tend toward being frugal where I can be.     Enter the JR.

    The two versions of JR I end up looking at are the slotted JR and the aero junk.  I thought I would seek the collective wisdom about these rigs in relation to proa and realize that replies are going to be of the ‘I think’ variety in many cases.  That said…

    Would either be an issue in a proa?  Keep in mind the harry proa shunts and has its sail bearing hull always to leeward.  Shunting -> http://harryproa.com/?p=1910

    Would there be any benefits vs a schooner main sail setup?   I ask this because, for example, if the LD ratio is better, my novice mind thinks it then could maybe carry more sail safely.  Etc.

    Would there be draw backs over a standard twin schooner main sail rig?  Example.  Harry schooner design seems pretty equipment light as is.  Free standing masts, two winches a few bits of string (no cars, tracks, stays, etc).  Going to say maybe there is more bits of string in the JR?

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