Split Junk-rig, Slieve McGalliard style, 50m2 For sale

  • 03 Sep 2019 11:06
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    We are sailing a Catamaran 15x9m that I have built myself. We have had two Split Junk-rigs on it but one of our masts broke a few weeks ago here in Holland. So we lost that one and all that was on it. Now we realize that the other mast is probably also too weak.

    Since our experience with two rigs has not been very good, mainly because one sail too often covers the wind for the other, we do not want to continue with with this system. We simply have one complete Split Junk-rig that we need to find a new user for. Everything needed is there except the mast and the deck fittings. Well, the mast is there but I don’t recommend using it, the top can probably be used though. It is a 7-panel sail where 5 are split. The battens are 5,4m. The sails covers 5m, 25cm between the sails and 15cm extra in front. It is made very close to the ideas and instructions from Slieve McGalliard and it is in total 50m2.

    My costs for making one of these two rigs, except the mast, has been around 3500€ and lots of hours sewing but I don’t expect to get much of that back really but highest bid will of course “win”. You must count on coming here to Lelystad in Holland to pick everything up. I have once had both our rigs on top of my car so that should no be a problem. 5,40m is ok even if you need a ferry-trip. There are two “packages” of sails and battens mounted and then lots of sheets and halyard and blocks....

    Please contact us if you are interested and have more questions. My email is: peter@bildt.se and I will be in Lelystad from 17th of September til the end of October (2019). Then again in springtime (2020) but I would be glad to have this done before the winter.

    Peter Bildt

    S/Y Tossan, SBZT

    Tel: +46(0)70 57 54 557

  • 04 Sep 2019 08:28
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    Good to hear of a junk rigged cat, it would be great to see more details of your boat and rig.  The mast does look a bit thin, what is the dimensions and speciation?

    Sorry to hear the rig has not worked out, I have heard reports either way on side by side rigs.  How much time did you have before the mast broke to work out how do get the best out of it?

    Will your replacement be a junk rig of some sort?  I do hope so, an unstayed rig where the sails can be let right out is very appropriate for a catamaran.  That said, I see you are 9m wide, so capsising should not be a significant issue.

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