Last chance for Deptford Dockyard.

  • 24 Oct 2011 13:52
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    I've lived on my boats up Deptford Creek in S.E. London for nearly 26 years now and for the past 15 of those have been involved in the fight to save the old Deptford Dockyard from the clutches of Rupert Murdoch who, having failed thus far to cover it in inordinate amounts of luxury housing has now gone into partnership with Mr Li Ka Ching of Huchison Whampoa.
    Basically this is the site of the oldest Royal Dockyard, founded by Henry VIII though it's history goes back to the Romans. Some really major features such as the Great Double Dry Dock and the Grand Basin lie under a thin screed of concrete.
    The circumstances of the present ownership of the site are dubious, to say the least, but the power of these owners renders councils and politicians useless.
    We locals have a blog-site  which will tell you more, that also shows alternative proposals and has a petition that urgently needs signing.
    If you're interested in detailed history of the site then is the place to go.
    Many Thanks,
    Julian Kingston.  
  • 25 Oct 2011 21:25
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    We built Badger at a small village called Glasson Dock, near Lancaster, which also dates back to Roman times.  Glasson Dock had a wonderful stone-built, drying harbour with lock gates.  If you looked carefully, there were lock gates in the side, too.  What they had led to was a 'graving dock' - where small ships could be put on beams and dried out to work on.  It was the oldest in that part of England, if not in the entire country.  It was filled in and covered in tarmac to provide car parking.

    I am no fan of Rupert Murdoch, nor of vandalism in the name of 'progress'.  I am unlikely ever to visit Deptford, but will certainly sign your petition.  High-priced housing for the over-privileged is so twentieth century.  I had hoped that all the financial catastrophes and problems would have made society reconsider its priorities.  Apparently not.
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