Freedom 28 project boat

  • 20 Apr 2020 17:37
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    Hey this is just down the road from me.  Well 2 hours.

    Out of all the Freedom bottoms I would consider this one with the stub external ballast keel and longer rudder to be the best.

    Eyes wide open is appropriate as David H said.

    I bet the tranny issues can be sorted.

    I would be in the car by now if I had not bought my Badger which I believe still sits forlornly on land in VT.

    I bet she can be sorted to be a low cost New England/ Nova Scotia cruiser.

    Good luck to someone.

  • 19 Apr 2020 21:44
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    It looks to be a good potential junk conversion but for anyone interested in purchasing a lot of caution would need to be exercised. I see there is a considerable unpaid yard bill  and as you have pointed out a balsa core boat, especially an older one, could have both moisture and delamination problems. So if circumstances were suitable certainly a boat worth checking out, but any potential purchaser would need to go in with eyes wide open. Sometimes a bargain is not always such a bargain.

  • 19 Apr 2020 14:53
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    There is a Freedom 28 ketch advertised on craigslist in Massachusetts, US for 3500 dollars in yard fees. I know nothing about it but it looks to be an interesting project with carbon fiber masts already in place. With ‘stay at home orders’ and virus risks this may be an inopportune time but I find it intriguing none the less. If my situation was different I’d be giving it some serious thought to traveling down to see it as conditions hopefully change.

    Looking again I see it is balsa cored which seems to call for caution.

    Don’t know why the print sizes changed.

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