• 07 Jul 2011 01:15
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    lexia. 06 1610utc. mid way sao mig w to lizard. still 572nm which is still a big job, so no congrats yet and no relax. jds

  • 27 Jun 2011 05:54
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    "0430utc mon 27 june. alongside punta del garda. sailed to finish. 1674 on log. thanks for support. snod"

    He made it! Well done Jonathan.
  • 25 Jun 2011 18:04
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    "land ho! now 4 v careful nav and watchkeeping. prob still 24hrs 2 punta delgado. not in the bag yet. thanks 4 support. jds"

  • 22 Jun 2011 13:34
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    Just in from Jonathan:

    3/4 distance Lizard to Sao Miguel east. May open red x parcel or card. Wind 3kts south. Tomorrow end uht milk then powder, ugh. jds

  • 22 Jun 2011 01:24
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    Deleted user
    David Tyler wrote:Correction: following that link, Foula seems to have turned for the UK again, having wandered all around the ocean. Lexia is in a race all on her own, and is certain to win!

    Kewl! Go, Jon, go! But not too fast. You want to give the locals time to recover from the throng of other racers. That way when you get there, they'll be fresh and in a victory-celebrating mood again. You'll be the toast of the town!

    Yeah Junkrigs!
  • 22 Jun 2011 00:06
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    Correction: following that link, Foula seems to have turned for the UK again, having wandered all around the ocean. Lexia is in a race all on her own, and is certain to win!
  • 22 Jun 2011 00:04
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    Alan "Maddog!" MacBride wrote:Did LEXIA retire? When?
    No, she's not retired, but she got so far behind that the race organisers had to clear the tracker map, to allow for the start of the return leg. She's still making slowly for the Azores. Foula seems to have changed her mind and is now heading for the Azores again, having turned back towards the UK.
    You can watch their progress here:
  • 21 Jun 2011 22:33
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    Deleted user
    Did LEXIA retire? When?
  • 18 Jun 2011 22:00
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    Sent by Jonathan very recently
     [ I should explain for our younger readers and for non-Brits that this is a skit on a song that was sung about 50 years ago by a Scottish popular singer]:



    To the tune of Donald Where's Your Trousers?


    With Gusto, preferrably at the Yacht Club bar.


    I am sailing down to the Isles of Azore

    My mind is tired and my body sore

    And the seagulls point and then say "Core!

    Snodders, where's your crew gone?"


    Chorus to be sung after each verse


    Let the wind blow  high, let the wind blow low

    O'er the steep seas Lex will go

    All the seagulls say "Hello!

    Snodders, where's your crew gone?"


    She's not big and I'm not brave

    And we both turn pale at the size of a wave

    "Pray to the Lord and hope he'll save!"

    "Heavens, where's my crew gone?"


    She's not big and she's not fast

    She's a junk rig boat and got a spare mast

    Our object is to finish last

    "Goodness, where's my crew gone?"


    She's a chinese lug but not a lugger

    Short and stout but a brave little b*gger

    Cups of tea, or sometimes a mugga

    "Oops, where have my crew gone?"


    I spend as long as I can in my bunk

    Is it R and R or just plain funk?

    In this fight it's Lex has the spunk

    "Oh dear, where's my crew gone?"


    Last verse Sadly


    "Ask around and take a freind"

    "A chum on board to make and mend"

    But what do you do when you haven't a friend?



    Last chorus more Gusto 


  • 18 Jun 2011 21:56
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    I've just received this from Jane, Jonathan's wife. It was sent by Jonathan last monday, so is rather out of date now, but makes interesting reading.

    "Dear James (aka Support Team, Weather Adviser and Route Planner all unpaid and of course and neighbour boat in Millbay. )

    Well done.  Thanks for the continuing weather information and encouragement. All good stuff. Happy birthday.

    My spike to the North West as you put it was me just trying to  hold position.  This is a junk rigged boat!  I can make something to windward in moderate winds and calm seas.  In what I registered as Force 6 before the new  wind instrument gave up and in a very confused seas, the most I could manage was about 180 deg between tacks.  Foula slipped through as you put it because she is a Rival and like the Contessas will do well to windward, certainly compared with me.  Also, I am too overloaded with water, diesel and food, not to mention a hundredweight of tools and spares. To meet the regulations I built in a second water tank up forward but of course I filled it.  55 litres weighs as much as a small man.  I then have 25 litres in spare cans ( I have spent  long time contempating whether to dump some fresh water but have not yet been brave enough but at current rates of consumption the main 50 gallon tank would last me to Christmas and I hope that I will be in by then because we have a family wedding in August.)  The steep confused seas were the most difficult bit I think in terms of performance.  Today I moved the heavy Tinker Tramp dinghy from the forepeak into the main double bunk amidships to try to reduce the nose weight somewhat.  However, I did heave to for best part of a day to recover.  I have been knackered. Remember that I am fit.  I walk the dog over the hills at least once if not twice a day and can trot round the dale for six miles with her. However,  I had many hours sleep last night whilst the seas beat against the boat which was hove to and looking after herself, except that she keeps eating her running rigging. I feel somewhat better today and have been able to tackle further running rigging repairs in preparation for hte next expected blow from the Azores direction.  Thank you for your kind remark that the current deep depression affecting the Azores region is "unseasonal".  That of course makes me feel better.  I have managed a meal today for the first time in about five days.  Hard boiled egg and rice.  It is what we give the dog when she is ill!  I have started again to take Stugeron and have put the magic yellow bands on again.  I took them off and stopped the pills because I thought that I had got me sea legs.  I then went down worse than at the start.  A previous day I had been in my bunk thinking that this is wrong I have all the signs of exposure.  Eventually I realised that one of the many big mushroom ventilators blasts onto where I was lying and I had gone to sleep sweating after a struggle up top and had got chilled to innards.  All ventilators are now taped up inside. Fortunately I have little sense of smell and I am singlehanded.  Hot drinks weren't an answer because they weren't staying down.  Later I decided that I had a temperature and probably a chill but realised that I do not have a medical thermometer on board.  Add that to the list.

    However, somewhat more happy today and some pleasant sailing albeit under a cloudy sky all day.  I tackled the remaining running rigging problems and hope that what I have bodged will keep me going for a bit longer. (Long terms solutions required and I will seek advice from the junkies in due course.) But it seems to be a long way and I am not yet half way.

    All in all, as holidays go, things could be worse, indeed during the next 48 hours they may be.

    Last words.  I thought that I had better pop my head up for a look out and around the horizon.  The clouds which had been total all day have cleared. The stars are out.  The white moon, well risen and with a happy face, has lighted a silver pathway on the sea and we are slipping down it close hauled at 3 knots. It doesn't quite lead direct to the Azores, but it will do for now.

    Yours aye


       " ...there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in junk-rigged boats" 
                                                               - the Chinese Water Rat

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