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  • 02 Sep 2018 20:09
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    Hello everyone,

    I throw a bottle in the ocean...

    I would like to have news about a twin masted junk rig schooner named Castle Dougall, and its new owner. Boat was recently acquired by a guy who transferred it by road to Nova Scotia, if I understood well.
    The boat was in a marina in Gatineau, Canada, and was bought from a lady named Kathleen Hall.
    It woul be nice if the buyer would post news about the renovation of this boat, where he intends to sail it, etc.

    I confess I had once been very interested in acquiring that boat, but had to give up for technical and geographic reasons (living in France).

    I still have a dream (a plan?) of sailing from Carribean island to Montreal, up the St Laurent. That's when I'll be retired, and have sorted out to get a junk rigged boat sufficiently capable.

    Thanks to anyone who could respond!


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