4 SibLim the set-up (Part II) (37)

Created on: 07 Nov 2015
  • 10 Nov: preparing the slots in the bulkheads to take the backbone.
  • David seeing if the bow frame will align with the backbone. It's perfect.
  • This framework allows for the locating of the forward bulkhead.
  • The backbone in place and filleted in with epoxy.
  • Temporary bulkhead No 5 being set up.
  • Bulkheads 5, 6 and 7 in place
  • 11 Nov Trying bulkhead 0 for size.
  • No 0 set up with struts to keep it true to No 1
  • Back to the stern: setting up for No 7
  • 2.4m of perfect, quarter sawn kwila.
  • The kwila is dressed, but we cut two 3.9 pieces in two so had to plane the sawcut.
  • The kit of parts.
  • Fillets (in the bow)
  • 16 November: sawing up kwila for the skegs
  • 17/11/15 The first glue up of a skeg, with the excess epoxy scraped off.
  • 19/11/15 Planing the skeg smooth
  • 20/11/15 Thinking about how the chine log is going to fit.
  • Scarfing up stringer stock.
  • Beefing up the transom in way of the outboard motor
  • The final transom panel, glassed and flocoated
  • 26/11 - adding framing to the bow. This will make it easier to land and secure the bow 'transom' which needs to be fitted before the stringers. It's a way of using up offcuts of 12mm plywood.
  • 27/11 - Shaping the skegs. The first wood is removed with a power planer.
  • 30 Nov.I marked lines along the skeg for initial, rough, shaping. Being a blind old bat, I couldn't see pencil lines and the marking gauge tried to follow the grain. Silver felt tip pen worked.
  • Using a chalked, template to find the high spots. Note the full-sized pattern at the end of the skeg.
  • 1 Dec. A first, rough, fit of the bottom panel. The first two pieces of plywood are temporarily clamped together.
  • The bottom panel: looking aft from the sleeping cabin
  • The shaped skegs have a piece of plywood let into the top (which will from the petrol locker). Almost ready for glassing.
  • 7/12 - Sawing up cedar for the stringers and chine logs
  • 9/12 - Bertrand joins the SibLim Club
  • 14/12 Fitting the lower chine logs
  • 15/12 Bertrand cutting some of the many notches required for stringers, chine logs and sheer clamp
  • 16/12 rounding over the stringers - it's tricky finding room for their length, despite having a large shed in which to build.
  • One of Bertrand's clever tricks: add a long piece of wood to the plane to run along the next bulkhead, in order to get the correct bevel. It still requires a lot of care and concentration, however.
  • 19/12 Notching the bow to take the lower chine log.
  • 28/12 Fitting the lower chine logs: they have to be laminated forward, due to the curve.
  • The kink in the chine log concerned me. Correctly as it turned out.
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